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Trip Stopper

Trip Stopper

It is always good to have this Mushroom trip Stopper close when tripping on magic mushrooms. Just take the contents of this package in case of a bad trip. The valerian makes you relax and dextrose sugar helps to neutralize the effects of magic mushrooms. Trip stopper, just in case. Feel safe, Trip safe


Trip Stopper

Trip Stopper

Buy Mushroom Trip Stopper Online

Buy Trip Stopper Online. Trip stopper helps to minimize the effects of your trip. The valerian helps you to relax and the dextrose suger tabs can neutralize the effects of the mushrooms.

If you are a new truffle user, you might experience intense body highs, visual hallucinations, and a mystic state of mind. To some people, this can be an exciting experience, while others can freak out. As a new truffle user, you should consider trying out trip stoppers. They are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to reduce the effects of truffles or mushrooms. They help you navigate your high and have a better, less frightening experience.

What are the effects of truffles?

Magic truffles can cause you to feel, hear and see sensations that appear real but are not. These effects can vary from one person to another because of the different environmental conditions. Most people who ingest truffles do so for some spiritual experiences, while others want self-discovery. Some people associate truffles and mushrooms with herbs that can help them achieve superior spiritual states.

You can also experience a distorted sense of time, connection, and euphoria. Truffles give you such an experience because they influence your serotonin levels in the brain. That’s why you might experience some unusual, altered perceptions. Upon consuming truffle, it can take between 20 to 40 minutes to kick in, and it can last for six hours. That’s the same amount of time that it takes for the metabolism and excretion of psilocin.

Why use trip stoppers?

Trip stoppers are the ideal solution for people who are trying the hallucinogenic journey for their first time. Using the anti-trip capsules will help you negate any panic and ensure that nothing gets to go awry. There is a white trip stopper capsule that contains dextrose. Dextrose helps minimize the effects of truffle and ensures that your trip won’t be something you can’t handle.

You also get a dark pill in your trip stopper package. The dark pill is valerian because it helps you relax and then leads you into a smooth comedown. The pill is crucial to ensuring that you can have a smooth trip and remain relaxed at the same time. Therefore, you can get to enjoy truffle without having to fear some of the things that you might come across on your trip.

What should you expect after buying trip stoppers?

Upon purchasing your first trip stopper, you will find four capsules in the package: two white and two black. You should follow the guidelines and take two capsules, one dark and one white, simultaneously. After taking your capsules, you should try to consume or eat a spicy meal. It’s advisable for new users to slowly breathe in and out while trying to remain calm.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you will not panic, and end up having a lovely truffle or mushroom trip. They also get to provide you with some peace of mind since you are certain that you will not get a bad trip.


4 Valerian capsules 2 Dextro tablets


How to use the bad trip stopper ? When you start to feel anxious during a trip:

  • Take the 2 dextro tabs and let them disolve in your mouth slowly.
  • Take the 4 Valerian capsules with a large glass of water.
  • After try to eat something.  Buy Mushroom trip Stopper Online

Trip Stopper    Trip Stopper


Trip Stopper


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