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Mega Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Mega Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit


Mega Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Mega Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Buy Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Online

Our blue oyster mushroom growing kit is ideal for beginners because of its aggressively-growing nature. The perfect gift for any budding mycophile!

Buy Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit Online. Watch this blue oyster mushroom growing kit produce pounds of delicious food right before your eyes. Each blue oyster mushroom kit is capable of fruiting 3-5 pounds of oyster mushrooms over the course of multiple months and flushes.

Some customers have even reported getting over three pounds of fresh blue oysters in a single flush!

This blue oyster mushroom growing kit is the perfect option for anyone new to mushroom growing for a few reasons. First, the kit is fully self contained and easy to use. All you need to do upon arrival is cut some holes in the plastic that the kit comes in and begin to spray it with water each day.

Furthermore, blue oyster is a fast-growing mushroom that can handle a wide range of temperatures, making it easier to grow as well. Finally, the oyster mushroom kit leads to significant yields, so the first-time grower gets an amazing experience out of it. 

Each blue oyster mushroom growing kit is 10 lbs of fully-colonized substrate and certified organic.

Ideal growing conditions for the blue oyster mushroom growing kit:

  • 45-85 Degrees Fahrenheit, 85% relative humidity

Light: Blue oyster mushrooms need light to grow, but it should not be direct sunlight or a significant amount of light. It also does not need to be any more than 12 hours of light.

One way to determine if there is enough light in the area where your oyster mushroom growing kit is located is by considering whether or not you can comfortably read a book. If you can, then the kit has enough light.

Humidity: You should mist your kit a few times each day so it keeps the humidity level appropriate for the kit to fruit. As mentioned above, a relative humidity in the 85% range is ideal. You will see little baby mushrooms forming after about five or so days, and that is what we call the pinning stage.

These baby mushrooms will continue to grow until they are full-sized and ready to harvest, which should be within two weeks of starting the kit. 

If you have a difficult time keeping the humidity level where you would ideally like to have it, then there are a few options you can try. First, you can try using a plastic bag as a humidity tent.

You can do this by taking a plastic bag and draping it loosely over the oyster mushroom kit. Make sure there is still enough airflow that the kit will receive fresh air. This is a necessary part to fruiting mushrooms. 

Another option is to use a plastic tote or bin. You can place your oyster mushroom kit in the plastic tote with the top off. Mist the sides of the tote to keep them wet, and the bottom too if you would like. Just make sure the kit does not sit in standing water or it may lead to mold growth.

Using a tote with the blue oyster mushroom kit inside and a small fan blowing over the top of the tote. Has been a method many people have used to increase humidity levels indoors while using their oyster mushroom growing kit.

CO2 and Airflow: The levels of CO2 greatly affect the shape of the fruit bodies. You need to have fresh air flow for the mushrooms or you may end up with mushrooms that grow poorly.

If you noticed the stems of your oysters getting fatter and wider than the mushroom caps, then you probably need more fresh air exchange where the kit is located. This is common in situations where people use humidity tents. Adjusting the amount of airflow will help the mushrooms normalize in their dimensions. 

Cutting holes in your kit: You will need to cut holes in the plastic that your blue oyster mushroom kit comes in before you begin misting it. You can mist the substrate directly through the hole you make. We recommend using the broadside of the kit to cut the bags.

The fresh mushrooms will grow towards these holes, seeking the environment of greater oxygen content.

You can use your oyster mushroom kit indoors or outside, depending on the temperatures outdoors. If you do choose to grow them outside, be sure to check on the mushrooms frequently once they begin growing.  

Once the oyster mushroom kit is spent you can use it to inoculate paper waste, coffee grounds, or your compost. This kit is the perfect oyster mushroom starter kit option!

Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit        Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit


Blue Oyster Mushroom Kit


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